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rainforest leaves


I am a socio-cultural anthropologist. My research lies at the intersection of medical anthropology, political ecology, multispecies ethnography and science and technology studies. It centers on questions of economic inequality, social justice, and sensory and affective experience, as they relate to environmentalism and medical humanitarianism in the Global South, with a focus on central Africa, and extensive ethnographic research in rural Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Building painted to educate people on the importance of handwashing to protect oneself against Ebola


DRC's Ebola epidemics 2014-20 | experimental vaccine | epidemic economies | medical humanitarianism | vaccine hesitancy | social impacts of epidemics | post-Ebola | zoonotic disease | inequality.


Environmental conservation in central Africa | environmental justice | carbon credits | rubber, coffee and palm oil plantations | logging.


Animal behaviour science | great apes | forests | field science | senses and affect | naturalism.


Research in DRC, CAR, Republic of Congo, Uganda | expertise on the Democratic Republic of the Congo's western and central forested provinces.

Bonobos grooming in thick vegetation
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